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Cheapest Place to Buy a JUUL Online



Vaping is a growing trend.

According to recent studies, as many as one in 20 Americans vape- almost 65% of whom are ex-smokers.

Making the switch from cigarettes to e-cigs is a stepping-stone to a nicotine-free life for some and a cleaner, fresher way to get your fix for others.

Although there are still health dangers that should not be ignored, there is no doubt that they are not quite as harmful as a traditional cig.

They also smell significantly better!

Whether or not you have used a vape before, the chances are you have heard of JUUL.

It is one of the most fashionable and discreet vaping devices on the market and has taken Europe and the US by storm.

The classic JUUL is rechargeable and works compatibly with various flavor pods.

A handy USB lets you charge quickly on the go.

The question is, where to buy them for a good price?

Buying the JUUL is one thing, but you also have to consider the cost of the interchangeable pods.

Here are the seven cheapest places online to buy a JUUL vape stick and the flavor pods to match.

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Vape Shack

The Vape Shack website is one of the largest international retailers of all-things e-cig.

From disposable pens to vape tanks and everything in between, this website has you covered.

Of course, they also offer a great selection of JUUL products at a competitive price.

Vape Shack’s price for the JUUL device is $9.99- the cheapest price we have found anywhere!

That includes the USB charger, making it a great deal overall.

If you need a backup charger, you can buy one for $5.99.

As far as the flavor pods go, Vape Shack offers three varieties: menthol, Virginia tobacco, and classic tobacco.

Each pack of four costs $15.99.

Altogether, buying a JUUL starter kit (device, charger, and four pods) on Vape Shack costs $25.98.

Check out the full selection on offer here at

Lighter USA

Lighter USA is almost on par with Vape Shack in terms of popularity and product selection.

It is one of the biggest e-cig retailers in America.

The site offers rewards for members and free shipping to many locations in the US.

JUUL products on Lighter USA cost a little more but are still very reasonably priced considering the popularity of the brand.

The device costs $14.95, and the four-pack of pods is $17.95.

Unfortunately, the replacement charger is significantly more expensive than the cheapest site, coming in at $13.95.

The total price for the starter kit on Lighter USA is $32.90.

Bear in mind that the delivery may be free to your area, which could make the total cost more appealing.

You can find all the details at

Electric Tobacconist

Electric Tobacconist is very competitive with its JUUL prices and works out as one of the cheapest of all.

The device kit (JUUL and charger) is $9.99 with a $5.99 replacement charger.

It sells two flavor options- menthol and Virginia tobacco- both at $15.99 for a four-pack.

These prices put it right on par with Vape Shack, with a total of $25.98.

Where Electric Tobacconist has the edge is with its bulk-buy deals.

If you buy five packs of four pods at a time the price is reduced to $15 per pack, and an order of 12 packs brings it down again to just $14.58.

That makes Electric Tobacconist the cheapest place to bulk buy JUUL Pods.

See for yourself at

The Official JUUL Website

Surprisingly, the product’s official website is not much more expensive than the cheapest e-commerce sites.

As a bonus, users can sign up for a monthly subscription called Auto Ship, which gives them a 15% discount on a four-pack of flavor pods sent out each month.

The official site is on par with the cheapest places to buy the device itself- coming in at just $9.99.

Again, that includes one USB charging dock.

Replacement chargers are also right down there with the cheapest websites at only $5.99.

JUUL’s official website does charge a little more for the flavor pods than most other sites.

A pack of two costs $12.99, and the four-pack is $20.99.

It currently only sells the menthol and Virginia tobacco flavors.

What keeps the official JUUL website competitive is its discount offers for members.

First-time orders can apply a whopping 40% discount plus free shipping (in certain areas).

That would make the original starter pack cost of $30.98 fall to only $18.95- even cheaper than Vape Shack.

Of course, that is a one-time deal, and conditions apply, but it certainly makes it a cheap option!

The Auto-Ship monthly discount brings the four-pack down to $17.85, which is pretty good and not much more expensive than the cheapest options.

Perhaps the convenience is worth it.

Have a look for yourself at


NicPodShop is comparatively expensive for the JUUL device kit, charging a whopping $30 to $80 depending on the color.

Where it shines is its great deals on different JUUL Pods that are not available elsewhere.

You can buy a four-pack of berry, cucumber, or mixed flavor pods for just $17.

Check out the full collection at

Price Point NY

We love Price Point NY- for the sheer variety.

Of all the websites currently selling JUUL products in the USA, this one has the best selection.

It is also competitive with its pricing.

On this site, the basic device kit with a USB charger included is $14.99- a little bit more than some other sites.

A replacement charging dock is $7.99.

The biggest bonus of ordering your JUUL through Price Point NY is the selection of flavors.

Unlike most sites that only offer two of three pod varieties, Price Point NY sells 10 different flavors, including vanilla, mango, and cucumber.

The prices vary, with packs of two starting from $9.99 and packs of four starting from $15.99.

There is also a combo pack with a device, charger, and two pods for just $17.99.

Based on the advertised prices for the flavor selections, the cost for the full starter fit with four pods ranges from $30.98 to $54.98.

View the entire selection here at

JUUL Pod Online

Although not the best place to buy the device, JUUL Pod Online is excellent for buying- you guessed it- the compatible flavor pods.

It has the best selection and an excellent price of $16 for a pack of four.

See all the flavors available at

Every one of these websites has some great deals.

Shop happy and vape safely!

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