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The Cheapest Places to Buy a Breitling Watch Online



A Breitling watch in front of it's box

Breitling was founded in Switzerland in 1884 and the watches have been significant in the development of the chronograph wristwatch.

They are one of the world’s leading watch brands and one of the only brands to build into their watches chronometer certified movements.

This makes them highly sought after.

If you are looking for a Breitling watch, we have searched the best places where you can buy them at a lower cost.

In this guide we have put together some of the cheapest places where you can buy a Breitling online, saving you time and the confusion of trying to find the best buys yourself.

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Breitling is a leading brand in the watchmaking industry and Amazon list a number of Breitling products.

Many of them are limited stock though so it is recommended that you buy as early as possible if you are looking on Amazon.

There are so many styles, colors and designs to choose from on Amazon, with many suppliers listing them.

Before you buy, make sure that the watch comes with the relevant guarantees and you check out the customer reviews to make sure you are happy before you purchase.

To browse the range at Amazon, visit


Best known for their excellence in watches for aviation, Breitling is a brand renowned for its high-quality control standards and precision in each of their watches.

100% Swiss made and COSC approved, the Breitling brand invest enormously in their testing.

Jomashop stock a selection of Breitling watches, whether you are a collector or someone who is looking for a special gift, there’s something that will suit many different styles, preferences and requirements at Jomashop.

To find out more about the Breitling brand or to browse their catalog, visit the Jomashop online store at


Watchshopping recognize that Breitling watches are a classic timepiece, one that should be affordable and as low cost as possible.

Watches from Watchshopping in the Breitling range add style, sophistication and elegance with its classic design and timeless appearance.

If you are looking to achieve some savings on your Breitling watch, this store is definitely worth considering.

To browse the range of watches, visit the Watchshopping website at

Chrono 24

A leading provider in the watch world, Chrono 24 is a popular company in the world’s watch market.

You can browse new or unworn Breitling watches as well as pre-owned or even those that are under $2,000.

There are pages and pages of Breitling watches on the website at many different prices so you can find something that fits in with your budget and your requirements.

There’s also a useful search tool on the Chrono 24 website allowing you to filter your options based on model, price, year and location too.

If you want to browse the range of Breitling watches on the Chrono 24 website, you can start your search here–used.htm

Crown and Caliber

A favorite of adventurers and pilots throughout the world, Breitling is a well-known luxury watch brand.

It serves a practical purpose and advanced functionality that you cannot find in other brands.

Crown and Caliber are trusted suppliers of Breitling watches offering a modern timepiece that will be a treasured gift for many years to come.

Crown and Caliber offer a comprehensive selection of used Breitling watches at affordable prices.

Browse their range at

Tips for Maintaining a Breitling Watch

If you manage to find a Breitling watch at a great price, you can prolong its lifespan by regular maintenance.

A gold and blue Breitling watch

Cleaning – Over time, dust, oils from the skin and cosmetics can land on your watch case or metal bracelet.

When this happens, the skin may become irritated.

If these are left on the watch for long periods of time, it can cause oxidation of the steel in the watch.

To prevent this from happening, a regular cleaning schedule should be established using liquid soap and a toothbrush.

Rinse under a small amount of water and then dry with an absorbent cloth.

Leather Straps – If the Breitling watch that you choose features a leather strap, as with all other leather accessories, it’s important that the leather is properly cared for to maintain its appearance and condition.

Protect leather straps from perspiration, moisture, dampness, grease, cosmetics or perfume and other chemicals and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Breitling sells a care kit for leather which can help to prolong the lifespan.

If the leather is splashed, make sure that you use a cloth to immediately absorb any moisture.

Rinsing – Where the Breitling is suitable for immersion in water if you go swimming with it on such as in chlorinated or salt water, make sure that you rinse the watch head and metal bracelet under a gentle stream of water and then dry thoroughly.

Breitling Documentation

When you buy a Breitling watch, whether it’s new or used, it should be supplied with papers.

These papers will provide proof that it’s genuine.

There are typically two types of papers that are associated with the watch.

COSC, manual and international warranty booklet.

The back two pages will include the watch reference number and serial number.

These numbers may be either handwritten or stamped.

COSC, manual, electronic international warranty card and a warranty or maintenance booklet.

The electronic international warranty booklet often fades over time.

It was introduced in 2013 for the non-New Old Stock (NOS) watches.

There are certain models such as the Skyracer and Navitime that will also include a booklet titled Slide Rule Instructions.

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