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The Cheapest Places to Buy Contact Lenses Online



Contact lenses in a case

If you are a regular wearer of contact lenses you will know how expensive it can be when you are regularly having to replace your lenses.

It’s difficult to know how much you will have to spend on a good contact lens because there are so many factors that can affect the price.

Many optometrists will determine their own prices for the lenses that they supply.

There are many different types of contact lenses that are available, and your optometrist will be able to identify the best lens for your eyesight needs.

The price of the contact lenses will vary depending on the prescription you need, and the type of lens required.

For something like contacts, it’s important to be careful where you shop so you find the right ones for you, but also that they meet the required quality and safety standards.

We have put together this handy guide of the cheapest places to buy contact lenses which is a great place to start.

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Discount Contact Lenses

As the name suggests, Discount Contact Lenses specialize in some great discounts for your lenses.

This brand offers many of the lenses that you will find on all the other websites, but the price is much more affordable than many of the other stores.

Most packs of contact lenses can be bought for under $100.

As well as the contact lenses, you can also browse the selection of eye care products that Discount Contact Lenses offer.

This includes products such as solutions and contact lens cases to keep your lenses in the best condition for the longest time.

You can also buy sunglasses and reading glasses for when you are not using your lenses.

The website also provides a range of colored contact lenses for those customers who don’t necessarily need better eyesight just a different colored lens.

The prices for all these products are incredibly competitive so they are definitely worth considering.

Visit their website at:


As well as the extensive collection of lenses available on the Lens website, they offer outstanding customer service and a great returns policy which is really flexible.

Whether you have completed the wrong prescription or you are not happy with the way that the lenses feel, you can return them without any hassle and at no cost to you.

The company will cover the return shipping cost.

They do ask you to contact the customer care team first before returning them.

In addition to the excellent returns policy, which is difficult to find when shopping online, you also have a lot of brands to choose from so you can find the right lenses for you.

Customer support is always available so you can ask any questions too before you buy. Browse the range of lenses on the website at:

Contacts Direct

This company are always a firm favorite with customers because it often sends out coupon codes to customers and it will accept vision insurance from many workplaces.

Once you land on the website, you will find that there are lots of lenses to choose from including colored contacts, multifocal lenses, soft contact lenses and more such as those for dry eye or astigmatism.

Customers can also return contact lenses to the company if your vision changes within a year of purchase and you require a vision correction.

The company also offer accessories for your lenses too such as contact lens solution, so everything is covered.

To find out more about the lenses they offer or to browse their range, visit the website at:

Contact Lens King

Contact Lens king is one of the most competitive brands when it comes to affordable contact lenses.

They offer products at a much lower cost than many of their competitors.

While this company doesn’t accept insurance, they do offer some excellent products.

Shipping for lenses is $7.95 and purchases are HAS/FSA eligible.

When you buy online, make sure that you do your research to find the right lenses that match your subscription.

Also check things such as returns and shipping as these will all add to the cost.

To find out more about the lenses available from Contact Lens King, visit their website at:

Walmart Contacts

You might not have considered Walmart as a contender, but they offer some competitive deals on contact lenses.

They offer a huge selection of lenses through their online store or if you prefer you can order over the phone.

If you wish to use insurance, you can only do this in-store, but if you wish to order online, you can benefit from free shipping which is a great cost-saving.

The company also offer free returns and their price match guarantee on lenses.

Visit the Walmart website at:

A contact lens on a finger ready to be put in

If you want to buy contact lenses online, there are certain things that you should be aware of.

Make sure that you shop with a reputable and trusted company that can supply the lenses that match your prescription.

Another factor that you should pay particular attention to is that of volume discounts and shipping.

If you’ve never bought contact lenses online before, it’s certainly possible provided that you do your research and you understand how buying contact lenses online works.

If you are in any doubt, it’s always best to speak to the company you are buying from where you find the best deal as their customer care teams will be able to advise so you choose the right ones.

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