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The Cheapest Places to Buy Furniture Online



A living room full of furniture

Finding the right furniture that is practical, stylish that fits in with your existing décor is important.

You can be as creative as you want to be.

Choosing colors, materials, patterns and brands that reflect who you are and your design preferences.

With such a wide range of home furnishings to choose from, we have searched the internet, looking for some of the best places that you can buy quality furniture at an affordable price.

We know that not everyone has an endless budget for furnishing your home so we have put together our top choices of the cheapest places to buy furniture online.

From your living room to dining space, bedroom to home study, there’s lots of great furniture at some really affordable prices.

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Every furniture choice imaginable is within your reach at Amazon.

From sofas and couches through to beds, dressers and living room coffee tables and dining tables.

You can also shop for kids and nursery furniture too if you need to upgrade or buy for a new arrival.

There is so much choice on Amazon and you can buy from some top brands too.

Always check what the delivery and returns policies are, as it may be slightly different than if you went to a store directly.

To browse the range of Amazon products and their entire furniture range, visit the website at

Appliances Connection

From bestsellers to most affordable, Appliances Connection stock an endless collection of quality home furnishings from sofas to small side tables and more.

Every room is covered at Appliances Connection including the living room, bedroom, dining room and bar room as well as the library and office, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor furniture. Everything you need to furnish your home is just a couple of clicks away.

Browse their furniture collection at


When it comes to buying furniture, Wayfair is the expert.

They have been established for many years and have supplied countless customers with high-quality home furnishings at an affordable price.

From wardrobes to side tables and coffee tables to futons, there’s something to suit every design style, preference and color scheme.

To browse the range of home furniture from Wayfair, visit their website,


Beautiful homes are designed around two things; the décor and the furniture.

It’s important to buy furniture pieces that are strong, long-lasting and look great too without costing a fortune.

As well as having a huge range of furniture items to choose from for every room in your home, Walmart also offers lots of handy guides to help you choose the right home furnishings, whether you are shopping for a leather sofa or a new desk for your home office.

Browse their furniture collection on the Walmart website at


A well-known brand that delivers great quality.

Overstock offers customers some of the most affordable furniture sets and pieces you can find.

From sofas and couches through to sectional sofas, coffee tables and living room sets as well as dining sets, accent tables and desks for the home office.

Everything is taken care of.

With fast delivery and really affordable prices, Overstock is your one-stop-shop for all things home furnishings.

Visit the website here

Tips for Buying Furniture on a Budget

If you need to buy some new furniture but you’re on a budget, it’s still achievable to find some great quality pieces that not only look good but serve a practical purpose.

Here are our tips for buying furniture on a budget.

Furniture and wall art in a house

An Essentials List

While it may be great to furnish your entire home with luxury furniture, if you’re on a budget then there will have to be some compromise.

Make a note of the most essential pieces of furniture that you need.

Think about why you want to replace or add a new piece of furniture to your home.

Prioritize the furniture that’s most important.

Don’t buy a new sofa if your dining chairs are falling apart.

When you have a list, and you prioritize them you can then work your way through either buying one piece of furniture at a time or replacing the full set if your budget will stretch that far.


Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.

If your budget can only afford a basic couch or coffee table, for example, you can use some well-placed accessories to give it a more homely feel.

Things such as cushions, a well-placed ornament, or a vase of flowers can really give the furniture a welcome boost.

Discounts and Sales

All of the stores that we have mentioned above will inevitably run some kind of discount or sale at different points in the year.

If you time your purchase right you can take advantage of some major price reductions.

Make savings of hundreds of dollars which can go to buying another piece of furniture on your list.

Combine discounts and shop smart and you can sometimes get brand new furniture at a great price.

Compare Deals

To get the best deals and the best quality furniture, shop around for the same or a similar product.

If you are shopping for a couch for example, and you find one you love, browse all of the above stores to see if you can see the same one or a similar version and check prices.

Shopping this way can help you save a lot of money.

My name is Richard and ThriftyTwo was started by me and my girlfriend (the Thrifty Two!) as a blog for helping people to save money in these difficult times.

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