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The Cheapest Places To Buy KitchenAid Mixers Online



A KitchenAid mixer on a counter

KitchenAid mixers have become a household name since their development in the 1920s.

Now, they are always associated with revolutionary technology along with sleek design and hardwearing abilities.

As you might expect with a premium product like KitchenAid, the price of these products can also be at a premium.

However, that doesn’t mean that there are now places that can offer discounts or special offers.

Here are some of the sites that you can visit that will give you a good deal on your KitchenAid products.

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For a lot of people, Amazon is the go-to site when they want to find something.

They will also have offers on many of the products they sell, making them an attractive option.

As you might expect, they have an extensive range on their site, which includes more than just the mixers themselves.

They also have an array of accessories and replacement parts such as new mixing blades and alternatives and attachments.

Although Amazon does have reviews on their site, it is advisable that you always read as many of them as you can, as there have been reviews that have not matched the products in the past.

There are also options to buy from other sellers who are offering their products through Amazon.

Check out the range of KitchenAid products on Amazon here:


Target will often sell products at a discount price because they are able to buy them in bulk.

They will also have special offers on certain brands.

Some of these products are sold by Target on behalf of another company, so you need to be sure that you are aware of this, and any differences that this may make to the product or the availability.

The site also has reviews by customers so you can read through them and see which is the best for your needs.

Most of the products will have different color options, though popular colors can sell quickly and be higher in price than other colors.

Some of the KitchenAid mixers will not show their low price until you add it to the cart. This is a manufacturer requirement.

To visit the online store see the link here:


Another major retailer, Walmart often has offers on its online store, some of them will be exclusively online.

The range is varied and includes products of different types so you can get the one that suits your need.

As with other online retailers, they will also sell products from other sellers on their site.

When you order from one of these vendors, it is shipped by the other retailer.

Make sure that the shipping requirements are suitable if choosing one of these sellers.

The prices of the mixers also vary, and not all of them are discounted.

However, it is worth keeping an eye on the site as they will often have offers on certain products within the range.

Too see Walmarts range of KitchenAid products see the link here:

The Home Depot

The Home Depot is a popular online store as well as having physical stores where you can get the products as well.

The good thing about their website is that is will show you if you can purchase any of the products as a store near you.

Their range of KitchenAid mixers is a little limited compared to other online retailers, but there is still the color options for each product.

Some of the mixers also have a special buy discount that ranges from 15-45% so it is worth regularly checking back to see which ones are on sale.

You are also able to search based on which of the products is on sale, making it easier to find the bargains without having to trawl through all the products.

You can check out the range of products here:

Sur la Table

This site has a limited range of KitchenAid mixers compared to other retailers, but they do have a good selection of attachments that can be added to your kitchen gadget collection.

There is the usual range of colors available, along with videos showing how the mixers work which is a nice feature.

You can also find a Q&A section where customers can ask about certain features that can be helpful when selecting the right mixer for your needs.

Discounts are available on the site with prices ranging from 20-30% off the regular retail price.

You can also get a further saving if you sign-up to the website and free shipping if you spend over a certain amount.

To see their range of KitchenAid mixers, see the link:

While you may think that most stores will offer the same prices for products, there can be some good savings if you shop around.

It is also worth taking advantage of the promotional offers such as signing up for the site newsletter which can often give you a further discount.

As always, it is important to check all the shipping and return details for the sites so you know you are getting the best overall deal.

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