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The Cheapest Places to Buy Milwaukee Tools Online



The Milwaukee Tools website

With almost a century of heritage behind them, Milwaukee is one of the oldest and most respected tool manufacturers out there.

The brand’s well regarded for its striking black and red designs, its innovation, and its quality.

That’s why, for many customers, whether professionals in the trade or homeowners that like DIY, Milwaukee is the go-for tools that may well last a lifetime.

The downside to Milwaukee’s popularity is that it’s not always the first choice for affordable tools, with many deeming it a trade brand rather than a name for the everyday consumer.

And while we’d be the first to say that it’s worth paying for quality, sometimes Milwaukee’s prices are a step too far.

To combat the problem we all face when on the prowl for Milwaukee tools, we’ve browsed the net and pulled together a list of the cheapest places to buy Milwaukee tools online.

Stick to our list and you’re guaranteed to get a great deal.

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If you know exactly what you want and are not too worried about easy-to-access customer service, the official Milwaukee store on Amazon is the place to find a great deal.

When you buy direct from Milwaukee, you’ll benefit from a range of guarantees, including a moneyback guarantee or an insurance guarantee, which might not always be the case with third party retailers.

The only downside to buying from Amazon is that prices often fluctuate depending on demand, which means you can’t always ensure that the price you see today is the price you’ll see tomorrow, so if you find a great deal, you need to snap it up fast.

Amazon also has a smaller range of products compared to Toolbarn, for instance, but it’s worth checking as a first point of call when looking for cheap Milwaukee tools.

Get the tools you need at:


As a seller of Milwaukee tools for more than a decade, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands when you shop at Toolbarn.

Not only is their customer service second to none, but their range is also extensive and, most importantly, their prices are incredibly competitive.

What’s great about Toolbarn is that everything’s easy to find and you can quickly browse different ranges.

For example, they have M12, M18 and M28 tools, all of which are leading ranges from Milwaukee, as well as hand tools, power tools, and cordless kits.

It’s worth noting that the Milwaukee cordless kits at Toolbarn are priced very reasonably, and most come with multiple power tools with matching rechargeable batteries.

Toolbarn has kept up to date with Milwaukee’s designs, so everything comes in the latest style, which is attractive and functional.

Buy cheap Milwaukee tools from Toolbarn at:

The Home Depot

On The Home Depot website, you’ll find more than 900 Milwaukee products, so we’re betting they have exactly what you need.

The great thing about The Home Depot is that they’re committed to offering the best price, and mark many of their products as ‘Special Buy’ when they know they’re the cheapest on the market.

Much like Toolbarn, it’s the combo kits that The Home Depot sells that come with the best value; some include six or seven products or more, including accessories like tool bags and rechargeable batteries, and will set you back no more than $1,000.

Likewise, if you just want one or two tools, on average you’ll pay 20-30% less than if you bought directly from Milwaukee.

If you have any questions about any of the Milwaukee products available at The Home Depot, their site has an easy-to-access Live Chat function, which you can click on the right-hand side of your screen.

Their customer service team are always very helpful, which is one of the many reasons we’ll keep going back.

Browse the full range of Milwaukee tools at:

Acme Tools

One of the main reasons to visit Acme Tools is their extensive range of reconditioned tools, which includes a considerable number of Milwaukee tools.

These products have been refurbished in a factory, so they operate like new, but they’re a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay for new.

Another reason we like Acme Tools is that they offer brilliant value for money; they’re always hosting sales or throw in a couple of extra batteries, which means you’ll often end up with what you need and more for a percentage of the price you’d pay elsewhere.

The benefit of shopping with Acme Tools rather than The Home Depot, for example, is that they’re tool specialists – it’s all they do – so you can guarantee that if you call up and ask a question, you can rely on the information provided, which you don’t always get from more general DIY retailers.

Save on Milwaukee tools when you buy from Acme Tools at:

Ace Hardware

These guys have one of the biggest ranges of Milwaukee tools we’ve seen online, and their prices are very competitive, which makes them a must-check.

From air compressors to angle grinders, you’ll find most of what you need here.

Unlike some of the other retailers, Ace Hardware sell a large range of smaller Milwaukee products and add-ons, like bit extensions and saw blades, at a very reasonable price, so even if you don’t buy the tool from them, definitely give them a look for replacements and additions later down the line.

It’s Ace Hardware’s Tips & Advice section on their website that also makes them stand out.

This area of the site is stuffed with advice, so if you’re unsure of anything, you have somewhere you can find answers.

Worst case scenario, give them a call and their customer service team will help – again, they’re specialists and really know what they’re talking about.

Discover a huge range of Milwaukee tools at:

The next time you want a great deal on Milwaukee tools, look no further than these retailers for the same high quality at the fraction of the cost.

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