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The Cheapest Places to Buy Moving Boxes Online



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We all know how many belongings we accumulate over the years and when it comes to moving home, we need lots of moving boxes to transport our possessions to our new home.

Moving boxes should be an easy enough thing to check off your to-do list when moving to a new house but finding cheap boxes that can withstand the journey while keeping your belongings intact is important.

The cost of moving boxes can soon mount up, so we have put together this guide to help you find the most cost-effective products from some of the cheapest places to buy moving boxes.

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Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers and it sells a huge selection of moving boxes that you can browse and choose depending on your requirements.

You may be looking for a certain type of box or a size that will store all of your belongings or to store something such as a large television set, but it’s likely that you will find a box for almost every requirement.

While Amazon stock a selection of quality moving boxes, it also gives you the opportunity to find one that will provide the right level of strength and support during the removal process.

Each item will feature plenty of customer reviews and a detailed product description including measurements so you can check that it’s the right one.

The only downside to shopping on Amazon is that you often can’t just buy a single box, they are sold in packs.

To browse the full range of moving boxes, visit the Amazon website at

U Haul

A well-known brand in the US, U-Haul is the best option for customers renting a truck to move their belongings from a to b.

U Haul has an extensive range of moving boxes and entire moving kits that you can buy online.

You can also buy disposable moisture absorbers or storage bags too which prove beneficial if you are packing items for a long journey or storage for the short or long term.

This website is great if you want more than moving boxes such as accessories and moving kits.

You can benefit from some excellent savings too if you buy online.

The boxes will be durable and long-lasting so you can safely pack away your possessions and increase the chance they will arrive at their destination in one piece.

Find out more on the U Haul website at

Home Depot

Another popular brand in the US, Home Depot sell lots of different products including moving boxes.

The shopping experience at the Home Depot is great.

As well as the variety of moving boxes for you to choose from, the website will offer customers a visual representation of the dimensions of each box which is great for judging how big the box will be so you can find one that’s the right fit for your requirements.

You can also access their project guide too which covers top tips on moving and packing items which is always useful.

The product description pages are super detailed so you can find the right box, it offers you a basic moving guide so you have all the materials you need, and you can buy comprehensive packing kits suitable for different house or apartment sizes.

To find out more about the options that are available or to browse the range of moving boxes, visit their website at:


The trusty brand that you can count on, Walmart have a lot of different products besides moving boxes.

You can buy a range of moving boxes through the website, searching for the right size that you need to fit all of your belongings, whether you are moving to a new house or moving your possessions into short term or long term storage.

The stock inventory that Walmart have is comprehensive so you will definitely be able to find what you need.

To browse their range of moving boxes, visit the Walmart store online at


Another great place where you can find moving boxes is a company called ULine.

It’s great if you are moving to a new house but also works well if you have a business that you need to pack up and move too.

ULine is a family-owned company that are a leading distributor of packaging solutions and materials for shipping.

Anything you need for this is covered on the website, in different colors and sizes so you can find the right product for your home move.

While they are more of a B2B company, you can still buy from them as an individual consumer, but you don’t benefit from free shipping as you would with some of the other suppliers of moving boxes.

One of the best things about this company is that you can find boxes on here that you just don’t get elsewhere such as guitar boxes, a suitcase box, tennis racquet box and more.

To browse their full selection of boxes in a variety of unique shapes and sizes, visit their website at

Cartoon image of a man carrying boxes

Moving home is a stressful experience so make the process a little easier with hard-wearing, long-lasting boxes that you can use to safely pack away your belongings.

Whether you are moving to a new block, relocating to a new state or you are embarking on a long haul move, boxes are important, and, on these websites, you’ll find everything you need.

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