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The Cheapest Places to Buy Nike Trainers Online



Two people stood on steps wearing Nike trainers

Nike is one of the most well-known brands in the world and they are known for innovation, quality and amazing footwear.

With so many retailers online selling the original Nike merchandise it can be difficult to know where to find the best deal.

That’s where we can help.

We have searched the internet looking for the cheapest places to buy Nike shoes online.

From men to women to kids, we have found the best companies out there.

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There’s a high chance that you’ll find the pair of Nike shoes that you are looking for on Amazon’s marketplace.

They might just be on budget too.

They offer so many different pairs of Nike shoes for low prices so Amazon have you covered if you’ve got a budget to stick to.

If you’ve got an Amazon Prime membership you get free shipping too if you spend $25 or more.

There are free returns on most products and there’s a low-cost section of the site for Nike shoes.

Find out more on Amazon at


As one of the top stores in the US, Zappos are a trusted brand.

You can find Nike sneakers and shoes for the whole family at Zappos at an affordable price too.

The pricing is very competitive, and you’ll also benefit from free shipping and free returns on your order.

From off-court slides to the traditional Nike Sneaker, there are lots to choose from.

Browse the Zappos Nike shoe range at


Offering the latest trends in Nike fashion, there’s so much to find on the Kohls website.

As well as some great priced newly released Nike Shoes, there’s also the clearance section if you are looking for something that looks great but at a lower cost.

There are plenty of Nike clearance items available for you and the whole family, whether you are shipping for the kids, your partner or yourself.

Nike offers lots of options for women’s shoes suitable for everyday activities from work to sports and leisure.

They also have a huge selection of on-sale Nikes available for all the family.

From basketball to running there’s something for everyone at Kohls.

Visit their website


If you’re looking for Nike shoes on a budget, then you definitely want to check out Proozy.

Passionate about products for the outdoors, Proozy will make sure that you have everything you need for your outdoor adventures, supplied by the Nike brand.

They offer men’s Nike shoes, women’s and shoes for the kids in a variety of styles and colors to suit your preferences and your budget.

To view the Nike shoes on offer from Proozy, visit their online store at

Nike Shoes For Different Occasions

The Nike shoe is suitable for a variety of occasions as their products are stylish and comfortable.

Here are our Tips for wearing Nike Shoes.

A man wearing Nike trainers

Nike Shoes With Jeans

For jeans to work well with Nikes, they must fit well.

Baggy trousers and trainers won’t give you the look that you want so opt for a tailored style and make sure that you choose a length that works well with the style of the sneaker that you are wearing.

High top trainers would look great with ankle grazers or cropped jeans.

Low top styles would work best with full-length jeans.

Nights Out

A contentious issue perhaps but can you really wear your Nikes on a night out?

Anything goes especially now that traditional dress codes have been relaxed in many bars, restaurants and offices.

That said you are taking a risk if you wear trainers, but if casual footwear is a must, then opt for a black design or canvas style pump.

Sizing of Nike Trainers

As with all shoe brands, Nike is based on American sizing.

When compared with other brands, customers say that the Nike shoes are smaller in both width and length so think about buying a size up from what you would normally wear.


Under no circumstances should you put your Nikes in the washing machine.

There are many reasons for this including loss of shape, color fading or they could even break your machine (this goes with any shoe, not just Nikes).

So how do you keep your shoes in tip-top condition?

Remove any dirt and build up with a soft brush and cloth with soapy water to gently lift any stains.

Running and walking are the best forms exercise.

Depending on what you want your Nike shoe to do, think about how you will wear them.

Are they going to be used for walks, jogging, running or working out?

There are lots of new innovations that are being introduced to shoes all the time including Freon-filled midsoles.

Choosing the wrong shoe could result in painful feet after the first wear, aching heals and soreness that takes a long time to heal.

Walking shoes have a higher level of stiffness while those used for running are more flexible with a higher degree of cushioning to withstand repeated and prolonged impact.

Our feet are so different so what works for you will not work for your family member or friend.

Most brands including Nike will have a range of shoe types to suit every type of foot.

Think about where your shoes wear the most.

This is where you need the extra support.

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