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The Cheapest Places to Buy Plants Online




Many trends make having plants part of home décor possible.

Buying plants is a great way of incorporating outdoor style with the indoors.

Hanging air plants or Tillandsia is very popular for those seeking a minimal yet impactful décor style.

There are also the ever-so-popular terrariums, which are typically in glass bowls, similar to a fishbowl.

This simple yet stylish approach to incorporating plants and a touch of green into one’s home is not only possible but affordable.

Depending on where you go, you can spend anywhere from $10 to $100; it all comes down to what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay.

Here are five places where you can find cheap and affordable plants.

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Shop at Amazon, and you can find pretty much anything and everything.

When it comes to finding cheap and affordable plants, it’s no different.

Amazon offers an array of cheap plants that look just as good as the real thing.

Depending on how much space you have and your budget, you can find plants that come with a shelf to stand on or pots for hanging.

Some plants are designed specifically for hanging which can take up a lot of wall space in general; again, this is going to depend on how much room you are willing to dedicate to your plant.

A few types of plants that you can find on Amazon include:

  • Mini Eucalyptus
  • Air Planters
  • Terrariums
  • Money Tree
  • Aloe Vera

Despite many of the plants on Amazon often being fake, you can find some suppliers on Amazon that ship real plants.

At the end of the day, there are an array of types of plants that come in different sizes and price points, which means that no matter your budget or style, there is a plant on Amazon to suit your needs.

Whether you are a newbie green thumb enthusiast or if you are looking to add some green to your home, Amazon has it all.


Do you want to freshen up your home’s air with some big and bright plants?

Consider Bloomscape your one-stop-shop of all plants big, leafy and green.

Have you ever wanted to create your own oasis escape?

With Bloomscape, you can find everything from palm trees to dracaenas and tropical monsteras.

Suppose you are a novice and just trying your hand at plants, especially living plants.

In that case, they offer a selection of easy to care for and maintain plants.

When you order from Bloomscape, all plants come directly from their greenhouse, which means you can rest assured that you are receiving quality live plants.

Given the prices, which start at $30 and go upwards to $250 a plant, you can pick and choose a plant to suit your budget.

Maybe you are looking for a unique gift.

Unlike typical gifts you would buy, why not consider Bloomscape.

They offer a selection of gifts that range from the plant lover and newbie green thumb enthusiast in your life.

As well as selling plants, Bloomscape also provides the necessary tools for caring for your new purchase.


Do you struggle to keep a plant alive?

Do you have limited space to work with but still seek and desire to have some green in your home?

Horti is the perfect online store for those with little to no plant experience but also little to no space.

Designed for those who live in the city, Horti sells plants that are hearty and can last missing a water or two.

On top of selling plants that can live despite not receiving as much attention and care, Horti also provides its buyers with the option of opting into one of their two plant insurance options.

They have Plant Reassurance and Plant Resurrection, which means that in the instance your plant dies, Horti replaces your plant with the same kind.

Plant Reassurance allows the plant owner to call and speak with a plant doctor who provides step-by-step guidance on resurrecting their little bud.

If money isn’t an issue and you don’t mind a limited selection of plant choices, Horti is the place to shop.


Looking for floral décor to use as a form of accent?

Maybe you have a special event or occasion, and you want to use flowers to add that splash of color?

Consider Afloral, an online floral boutique that offers everything from real and fake flowers.

Afloral does more than your typical green flake plant; they have an array of silk-made flowers that look and almost feel real.

Their website also offers you the buyer tools and resources to help guide your shopping needs, from seasonal to special occasions like a wedding.

Suppose you are looking to build your collection of faux flowers that you can change throughout the seasons and holidays.

In that case, Afloral offers affordable, quality flowers that you can buy pre-arranged into a bouquet or custom-designed your arrangement.

Urban Stems

Tired of giving the same old gift each year?

Why not try Urban Stems, an online flower shop that offers everything from fancy bouquet roses to the more budget-friendly and straightforward house succulent.

Check out their website to see the various floral options to choose from; there is also the option to set up a subscription for reoccurring plant purchases too.

Urban Stems is a think-outside-the-box gift option that is sure to put a smile on any recipient’s face.

Who’s to say you can’t spoil yourself either? Urban Stem offers floral and plant options that are easy to care for and maintain.

They can deliver with a card, or you can choose to add a special vase or planter to give it that personal touch.

The next time you need to buy a gift, give the gift of green with Urban Stems.

Many of the arrangements start at $40 and go upwards a couple hundred.

Wrap Up 

If you are looking for ways to enhance your home, show someone you care, or just looking for a just-because gift, consider giving plants.

Keep in mind not all plants have to break the bank, and thanks to these five places, you can find the perfect plant for any occasion and for any price point with one of our five recommendations.

My name is Richard and ThriftyTwo was started by me and my girlfriend (the Thrifty Two!) as a blog for helping people to save money in these difficult times.

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