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The Cheapest Places to Buy School Supplies Online



School Supplies

Back-to-school day is a mix of emotions for parents and children alike.

The twinge of sadness that the summer holidays are coming to an end is often overshadowed by the excitement the little ones have to see all their friends again, and the parent’s internal sigh of relief to have them out of the house for a while!

Of course, another leading emotion is that of stress.

Making sure your pride and joy is fully kitted out with all the gear they need to look and feel great on their first day back.

Filling the new backpack with pens, pencils, and all the other gadgets and gizmos kids are using these days is a big task and one that carries a great deal of pressure to get that all-important smile on your child’s face.

To add to the already tall order, these things don’t always run cheap.

Look in the wrong places, and school supplies can set you back a pretty penny. Luckily, we have compiled a list of some of the best places to buy cheap school supplies online.

Any one of the five retailers on the list can help you fill up the pencil case and backpack and send your kids off to school happy and ready to face the term ahead!

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Let’s face it- there is nothing quite like Amazon.

With more choices than almost anywhere else and extremely competitive pricing, the e-commerce giant is our number one choice for cheap school supplies.

You can find everything from erasers to paints to notebooks to gym shoes, all in an excellent range of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes.

Many sellers offer fast and free delivery on even the smallest orders, so take some time to shop around for the best deals.

Browse the extensive range of bargain school supplies that Amazon has to offer by clicking here.

Discount School Supply

Discount School Supply is a specialty website dedicated to all things back-to-school.

The products they sell are of excellent quality and all for a bargain price!

They stand out from the competition because of their options for more niche items, such as arts and craft supplies and social-emotional items for children with special needs and learning difficulties.

If you need to make a bulk order, this is the place to do it.

Orders over $99 come with free shipping, making it a great choice for teachers or parents with a lot of kids.

Visit to check out the excellent deals and discounts on top-grade back-to-school items.


Dollar days are happy days, especially when you are on the hunt for some back-to-school bargains.

Parents and educators alike can stock up on everything they need for the rest of the school year and take advantage of some hard-to-beat wholesale deals.

Bright, bold colors are the first thing you notice when you search through the DollarDays school supplies, which is sure to put a smile on your face, not to mention your kids’ when they see the fun new supplies you have picked up for them.

The school supply kits are hot favorites, as they combine everything you could possibly need for a range of age groups.

There is nothing school-related you can’t find at DollorDays, making it the perfect one-stop-shop to tick off everything on your shopping list.

Whether you just want a bargain on a few single items or you want to bulk-buy at some unbeatable wholesale prices, this is a pretty great place to do it.

Click here to head over to the DollarDays website, where you are sure to find exactly what you need.

Nowhere does a bargain quite like Alibaba.

Think of this as Amazon’s little cousin who offers the same sort of service but with a bit less finesse.

That is not to say that doesn’t do things well- it does! The difference is the delivery options and some of the product qualities.

That being said, for purely budget-driven purchases, it is hard to beat.

Site navigation works much the same as Amazon, in that you can filter the search by category, price range, and delivery region.

Many products offer bulk-buy rates as well as excellent prices on individual purchases.

Be prepared to wait a little longer for your parcel to arrive, as many products are shipped from further afield.

If you have time to spare and money to save, give Alibaba’s school supplies a browse by following this link.


Last but certainly not least is good old trusty Walmart.

Having successfully served families for the last six decades, it comes as no surprise that Walmart makes our list of the best places to buy cheap school supplies online.

In-store also has an impressive range during the right season, but you can find everything you need all year round on the website.

Walmart may not have as wide a range of products to choose from as some of the major e-commerce retailers, but it excels in quality over quantity.

All the bests and basics are available at the click of a button with plenty of convenient delivery or pick-up options at no extra cost.

Search by grade, by price, or by category to help streamline your search.

You can also make use of the handy school essentials checklist that is already put together for you!

There are very few names as well-established and explicitly trusted as Walmart anywhere in the US, so you know you can count on the very best.

Head to or visit your local store to find the perfect school supplies- at perfect prices- for your kids.

Final Thoughts

Getting the kids ready to return to school doesn’t need to break the bank!

These five retailers have made your job of sourcing great quality supplies and materials that are budget-friendly much easier.

The hard part? Narrowing it down!

With so much choice and so many excellent new products, you may find yourself wishing it was you getting ready to go back to school!

My name is Richard and ThriftyTwo was started by me and my girlfriend (the Thrifty Two!) as a blog for helping people to save money in these difficult times.

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