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The Cheapest Places To Buy Smart TVs Online



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Televisions are one area of technology where bigger is better.

It is also true that smarter is better, and TVs are getting smarter all the time.

With many manufacturers now making Smart TVs, the choice and price can vary by a large amount.

However, even though you might be confused by the features modern televisions have, you should still be able to get one for a decent price.

When thinking about the features of the television, you should try to do some research first.

It is easy to think you are getting a good TV when there are better ones for a lower price.

Think about what features you want such as UHD, or certain apps.

It is also a good idea to discover what size you want and if it will fit in the area you have planned for it.

Here are some of the cheapest places to buy smart TVs online, and how easy they make it to find one.

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As you might imagine, the Amazon range of televisions is extensive.

They also have a range of manufacturers which means you can get the features you are looking for, but not necessarily at a high price.

Their search bar at the side allows you to drill down to the areas you want such as screen size, customer rating, and manufacturer.

They also have other sellers selling televisions on the Amazon website, so there may also be an opportunity to grab a bargain.

As this is the same company that gives you Alexa, you can also see which ones have this feature built-in.

Prime members can also take advantage of the free next-day delivery.

You can see their range by clicking the link here:


Walmart is another big online retailer, though one advantage of this company is that you can also arrange pick-up if you have a store near you.

If not, then they do offer free delivery which could be a good idea for the larger televisions.

The site has a good search filter that allows you to find the specific TV that you want.

There is also a special offers section where you can see the products that are reduced in price or on rollback.

As with Amazon, they not only sell the well-known brands but also cheaper models that still have many of the same features.

To see what Walmart have to offer, click here:


Another company that offers a vast range of products both in-store and online.

The range includes well-known brands along with smaller manufacturers that offer similar features.

These can be a good option if you want a cheaper price and are not worried about the high-end features.

Many of the TVs on their site have a reduction in price from 6% upwards.

It is worth comparing them with others as you may find it cheaper once you add up the price reduction and delivery.

If you have a Target store nearby, you can take advantage of their pick-up service that allows you to order on their app and have the product brought to your car.

For more information, visit the Target site here:

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is both an online retailer and has physical stores as well.

This means they have a large range of products including nearly 100 televisions.

One of the unique parts of Sam’s Club is that you need to be a registered member to get the full benefits including savings.

The site has the same search filtering as other sites which makes it easy to filter down to your ideal TV type.

As well as savings of $100 and more, there are also special events that are run throughout the year.

This gives extra savings and makes this site worth a visit when you are looking for a particular product.

Another benefit of being a member of Sam’s Club is that you get free shipping without a minimum spend.

If you think that Sam’s Club might be one of your regular places to shop, then this membership may be a good idea.

You can see the benefits of Sam’s Club here:


Overstock is an online retailer with many departments including outdoor sections, home, and electronics.

Their range of televisions is not as big as on other sites, and this is even more limited in their Smart TVs.

There is an efficient search feature that helps you to find your specific product, and it gives you all the details of the product as well as any savings.

Along with the usual categories, there is also a sale section that lists all of the products on sale.

This would be a good place to start before looking at the dedicated categories.

Overstock is currently offering free shipping as well which might be an added incentive, but you should check that your area is covered by the free shipping before you buy.

You can see their range by clicking the link:

With the price of TVs varying so much, there will often be little things that will tip the balance.

That’s why it is also important to look for free shipping or other money-saving deals that would make the purchase worthwhile.

Another area that you need to check before you buy is the returns policy.

For TVs in particular, this may be a problem, so you need to ensure they have a good system in place.

For those companies that also have physical stores, there is sometimes the option to return items to your local store.

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