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The Cheapest Places to Buy Used Books Online



Books seemingly make up a complex language with its own rules, lexicon, etc.

It’s spoken at varying levels of fluency from the casual reader to the intense binge-reader.

Though technology has brought on the advent of eBooks, which has reduced the need for traditional alternatives, some still relish the feel of hard copies.

Should you fall under this category, you may be wondering where you should be looking to scratch that reading itch affordably.

For many people, the condition of the book is not much of a factor, so long as the information within is preserved and coherent.

With that in mind, you understand that the ability to find a great source of used books feels almost akin to a privilege.

So, it’s time to explore five of the cheapest alternatives to purchase used books online.

We took the time to search the surface and the depths of the internet to make these recommendations confidently.

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Is it any surprise that this list is topped by Amazon?

This online marketplace is famous for its unwavering ability to stock almost everything you need.

One of its strengths comes from the combination of Amazon warehouse-based items and third-party sellers.

The latter is more relevant to those who are looking to purchase used books at an affordable cost.

Simply make use of the intuitive built-in search engine to locate your book of choice.

Once you have, you are typically given options ranging from vinyl bound, to paperback, to hardcover, provided they exist and are available for the book you’ve chosen.

Next, you can begin to browse the range of options.

You usually find that one used book is available from a plethora of sellers in a variety of conditions at varying costs.

This layout allows you to find the best deal and to make your choice based on the condition categories that Amazon provides.

Feel free to even review the ratings that each seller has gotten, to help you confidently make your choice.

If you wish to take advantage of a well-designed user interface, a wide variety, and a truly consumer-focused book purchasing experience, head to

Powell’s Books

Established in 1971, this is a company that has a solid background in satisfying readers with eclectic tastes.

Of course, it wasn’t always an online store, and its brick-and-mortar arm continues to operate today.

You may find that independent presses and new authors are the common orders of the day here.

Additionally, the website, like the store, has a tremendously cool and welcoming atmosphere.

The staff members have efficiently curated the slew of books by theme, which should assist in the efficiency of your search efforts.

There is also a blog for you to check out, which has a bunch of additional content, such as the songs authors use during their writing process.

It’s an entire experience, as opposed to just a place that you use to purchase books.

Should you be interested in checking out this hidden gem and finding something you and never even knew you wanted, simply browse to

Barnes & Noble

This name is likely immediately recognizable as one of the largest bookstore chains in the USA.

With over six million different book titles in stock, it’s hard to argue with the sheer variety and availability associated with the name.

The fortune 1000 company is just as famous for its online arm as it is for its over 600 locations across all American states.

Since affordability is the order of the day here, it may comfort you to know that you get a flat 10% off your first order on the site.

Additionally, there are almost always random coupons and discounts to save you even more on those used books.

If you wish to take it a step further to make Barnes & Noble your premier source of used books, you can opt to get a membership for a $25 annual fee.

Benefits include up to 80% discounts on used textbooks, coupons worth $60, and several other perks that can be redeemed both online and at the stores.

Dive into the Barnes and noble experience now at

Better World Books

The penultimate entry is one that you cannot help but support.

While you are here to find places that can satisfy your need for used books, it’s always good to know that you can assist those in need by doing the things you love.

Not only is Better World Books affordable, but it also takes advantage of all purchases to facilitate its mission of spreading literacy to those in need.

How is this achieved? When you buy your used books from the site, a book is donated to a child in need.

While the store has no shortage of interesting new reads, its selection of used books is where it shines.

What if we told you that most of them have price tags that fall under $4?

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying “it doesn’t cost anything to be a good person,” and Better World Books is the personification of that adage.

Satisfy your literary needs and do good in the world by checking out


Somehow, Alibris has managed to put together a marketplace of over 270 million new and used books.

As you’d expect, these are well categorized to facilitate targeted searching. Additionally, the site has sections to help make navigation even easier.

For example, based on demographic factors and your history, there is a “books picked for you” section.

Other site sections shine a spotlight on noteworthy new releases and bestselling books that are currently on sale.

We’d encourage you to pay attention to these areas, especially as you use the site more and the picks begin to get increasingly accurate

Naturally, manual searches are a part of the equation.

You are free to search by author, title, or even ISBN, and there is even a bargain section for you to explore, which is all but a hub for used books that you can enjoy.

Dive into the vast world of the Alibris library by visiting

Our recommendations are guaranteed to allow you to read while getting the savings you need.

My name is Richard and ThriftyTwo was started by me and my girlfriend (the Thrifty Two!) as a blog for helping people to save money in these difficult times.

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