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The Cheapest Places to Buy Vinyl Siding Online



A house in the snow with vinyl siding on the walls

Vinyl siding is a fantastic way to transform the exterior of a property.

It comes in a range of styles, from classic lap siding that provides a wood-effect finish, to natural stone-effect finishes, so you can select whichever style is in-keeping with your property or your street.

Better still, vinyl siding is incredibly easy to install, and it’s durable; most siding comes with weather-resistant properties, so you can rest assured that your home will always look its best.

However, despite its many benefits, shopping for vinyl siding can be frustrating.

Why? Because many retailers insist on only selling large packs of certain designs, which case be costly or alternatively will only sell individual pieces, which means what might seem affordable at first quickly adds up.

Most tradespeople will tell you to go to a small, independent supplier for most building supplies, but that’s not necessarily the case for vinyl siding, as it isn’t a natural building material and can take up a lot of space that independent sellers simply don’t have.

That’s where online retailers come in.

Below, we’ve gathered a list of the cheapest places to buy vinyl siding online, so you can get everything you need at a competitive price, delivered straight to your door.

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You can buy pretty much anything on Amazon and vinyl siding is no exception.

There is a wide range of options at very good prices from plain white to wood imitation and in a variety of sizes.

You can be sure that as well as the good prices you will get a quick delivery and easy returns if something is wrong.

Another great thing is you can read the many reviews for each product to be sure that you are ordering something of a decent quality.

Check out the options here:

The Home Depot

Where else? The Home Depot promises us that its prices are the best in its advertising campaigns, but do we usually believe it?

In this case, we should, as their vinyl siding is very affordable – actually, it’s some of the cheapest on the market.

The Home Depot has an extensive range of vinyl siding in a variety of colors, from classic beige and cream through to bolder choices like blue and brown.

You can purchase vinyl siding here in cartons, which includes multiple individual pieces, or as individual lengths.

The benefit of buying several cartons of vinyl siding from The Home Depot is that, for select products, you can benefit from a bulk price discount, which promises even further savings.

Finally, The Home Depot offers free delivery, which may have otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars due to the sheer size and weight of the product, especially when purchased in bulk.

Get cheap vinyl siding at

ABC Supply

If you’re a tradesperson looking to buy a large amount of vinyl siding or a homeowner with a considerable area to cover, look no further than ABC Supply, who are a leading wholesale distributor of vinyl siding, as well as a variety of other products.

With ABC Supply, depending on how much siding you purchase, you’ll benefit from the same price that many stores pay in the first instance before they’ve marked up their prices to a consumer rate, which could provide a considerable discount.

The only downside to ABC Supply is that you need a wholesaler account, which they’ll only let you set up if your order’s large enough.

But it’s certainly worth a try.

Once you’ve created an account with ABC Supply, you’ll be able to log in, view the full catalog, which includes dozens of leading brands, and place an order.

Sign up for a wholesale account with ABC Supply at


When it comes to effortless online shopping, Lowe’s is a favorite of ours.

They have a fantastic, accessible website that makes browsing and comparing different products easier than other similar retailers.

Lowe’s extensive range of vinyl siding comes in every color you could think of, and they have a variety of fit types available, from traditional to Dutch lap.

You can order small samples from Lowe’s, so you can compare colors and quality before placing a larger order, which means you won’t be spending a large amount of money blindly.

Finally, Lowe’s is another retailer that offers bulk discounts on select products, which may mean saving even further on their already reasonable prices.

Buy bulk and save on vinyl siding at


It may not present the easiest shopping experience, but Alibaba allows you to buy directly from the manufacturer, which often makes it worth it when you look at how much money you’ll save.

At Alibaba, you can get your hands on high-quality vinyl siding from as little as $5 apiece, which is cheaper than anywhere else on the net.

The only other downside to buying from Alibaba is that the manufacturer you’re buying from isn’t always fluent in English, which can sometimes make communication difficult is something goes wrong.

However, don’t write it off as, to give you peace of mind, you can check other customers’ experiences before you buy thanks to the site’s real review system.

Transform your home with affordable vinyl siding from


By buying from one of the above retailers, you could save thousands of dollars when renovating yours or a client’s home.

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