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The Cheapest Places to Buy Weathertech Floor Mats Online



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Weathertech is a brand name synonymous with quality and they are an industry leader supplying customers with floor mats and liners.

They have a solid research and development team behind all of their products, and this is one of the ways that its products can stand out amongst its competitors.

When it comes to protecting the interior of your car, the mats and liners that you use can really make all the difference, particularly when it comes to the winter months when you are transferring dirt, mud and salt debris into the car with regular use.

Mats are designed to protect your car, keeping it cleaner for longer.

Weathertech is a trusted brand that specializes in the design of custom-fitted floor mats.

Each mat is carefully designed so that it meets exact vehicle specifications for a variety of cars or trucks.

Finding Weathertech products at an affordable price, however, is a challenge for many.

Due to the nature of these mats, they can be quite expensive pushing them out of reach for certain consumers.

That said, you can achieve some discounts and reductions if you know the right online stores and where to look.

This useful guide has been created to help you make some savings on the Weathertech mats so you can buy them for your car or truck at a more affordable price.

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As one of the most trusted and well known online retailers, Amazon should be the first place that you check out.

It stocks a wide range of inventory on the Weathertech range and you can save up to 20% on any of their products including mats and accessories.

As the mats fit specific makes of car or truck, make sure that you have the right size before you order and read through the customer reviews to ensure that you find the right mat.

Amazon is not only one of the most popular online retailers, but also one of the largest, providing customers with a selection of discounted products.

Some brands even have their own stores on the platform where you can shop at heavily discounted prices.

As well as the regular savings that you can make with retailers, you can also benefit from additional discounts if you sign up to Amazon Prime.

Members of this program will not only receive fast, free shipping on their orders, they will also be the first to hear of new sale items and also have access to exclusive, members-only discounts.

Explore the full collection of Weathertech mats on the Amazon at


Carid is a company that stocks all kinds of Weathertech all-weather floor mats and floor liners.

These products are the industry standard for carpet protection, but that doesn’t mean to say that they have to cost a lot of money.

Floor mats have deep channels that trap water and mud and anti-skid ridges to prevent movement once they are in place.

Carid provides customers with a selection of quality Weathertech products at competitive prices.

They keep their costs low which are passed directly onto customers.

The company has a long term commitment to exceeding customer expectations, providing quality products at the best possible prices.

The full inventory of Weathertech products at Carid is available at


You might not ordinarily think that going to a brand direct would be the cheapest option, but sometimes it can be worth browsing their site because they sometimes have sale sections or clearance zones where you can find the latest price reductions and discounts.

Often the manufacturer is the most expensive, but it’s always worth checking on the Weathertech website as they will run sales, discounts and clearance periods where you can buy the floor mats you need at a more affordable price.

Weathertech also have a strict minimum pricing policy for their products which means that

Weathertech and retailers supplying their products can deliver first-class customer service and affordable products too.

Browse the latest products on the Weathertech website at


A well-known company in the US, Walmart are recognized for their competitive pricing on all kinds of products including the Weathertech floor mats.

You can view all of the available products through their website and find some great discounts and bargains that you often won’t find with other online retailers.

The full inventory of Weathertech mats can be found on the Walmart website at

Cover Craft

Another company dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, the liners and mats that you can find on the Cover Craft website are competitively priced, making them more affordable.

The products come with a limited lifetime warranty and custom fit.

All products are made in the USA too.

Further details about the Cover Craft range of Weathertech floor liners and mats can be found at

When shopping online for Weathertech products, it’s always worth comparing different websites to research the different products, explore the features and benefits of each and of course the cost.

With a little time spent online reviewing the cheapest places to buy Weathertech floor mats and comparing prices, you can make some significant cost savings.

It’s also worth signing up to some of the mailing lists if you buy from brands such as Weathertech frequently.

Often customers on the mailing list are notified of sales, promotions, or sent discount codes at certain points throughout the year so this is always worth it for some extra savings.

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