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How To Save Up Money Without A Job



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If you are unemployed, studying or cannot participate in the workforce because of a disability or medical condition, it can be very difficult to make ends meet. However, there are still several techniques you can use to save up money without a job. This article will share the best.

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Cut down on unnecessary expenses

Most people have expenses that are unnecessary or can be greatly reduced. By targeting these expenses, you can free up some additional money which can be saved. Here are a few ways to eliminate or reduce your expenses:

  • Change utility providers to get a better deal
  • Get rid of your cable and streaming subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify, HBO etc)
  • Put an end to bad habits that are costing you money, like smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Get rid of the expensive gym membership and find free ways to exercise
  • Stop drinking soft drink and switch to water
  • Cook meals at home and eat less fast food
  • Use discount websites to find products and groceries that are on special
  • Cut your own hair
  • Shop for clothes at the op shop
  • Walk or ride a bike instead of driving a car or using public transport

Sell any possessions you no longer need

One of the quickest ways to save up money is to sell any items that you no longer use. You can either sell your possessions using a website like Gumtree or eBay or run an old-fashioned garage sale. Here are a few tips for running a successful garage sale:

  • Pick a weekend a week or two from now, as this will give you time to organise yourself
  • Gather the items you want to sell and attach a price to each item
  • Advertise the sale in craigslist and on local Facebook groups
  • The day before the garage sale, attach signs to power poles on any busy local roads, with the words “Garage Sale”, your address, and the time of the sale.
  • Go to the bank and get change the day before your garage sale
  • Consider selling baked goods to attract additional interest

Online surveys

Online surveys are an easy source of extra money for anyone with Internet access. You simply complete surveys on a range of topics from your shopping preferences to politics.

Participants receive anywhere from 30p (50 cents) to £3 ($5) per survey completed. There are many survey companies to choose from, including i-Say, Swagbucks, GlobalTestMarket, PopulusLive, and Crowdology.

Make money from your hobbies

Some hobbies can be monetised. For example, if you sew, you can make an income repairing clothes for people. If you can play guitar well, you could sell guitar lessons or busk on the street. If you are a crafty or artistic person, you can sell jewellery, painting, sculptures, drawings, or whatever other creative work you can make. If you can cook well, you can sell people homemade meals or baked goods.

Get paid to test websites

Web developers and designers often need to perform “usability testing” on the apps and websites that they create. This process tests the user-friendliness of their product and how well various pieces of functionality work for the end-user.  You can get paid to perform this kind of testing online at websites like User Testing and TryMyUI.

Become a blogger

Blogging can be a very profitable past time, particularly if you stick with it for the long term and are passionate about the topics you are writing on. To get started, create an account on a free blogging platform like WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger. If you post enough high-quality content, you will eventually start receiving web traffic, which can be monetised with advertising or affiliate programs.

Become a virtual assistant

The way that people can work has undergone a radical transformation in the past few years. It’s now possible to work as “virtual assistant” that performs a variety of tasks for other people online. These tasks can range from data entry and research to content creation and search engine optimisation. Virtual assistants usually work with clients via a third party website like Upwork or PeoplePerHour.

Sell products featuring your artistic creations

If you are a designer, artist, jewellery maker, or craftsperson, you could use websites like to sell your creations. You pay the website a small listing fee and it will be viewable by the millions of people who visit Etsy. It’s also possible to sell your designs to be used on t-shirts made by companies like Threadless and DesignByHumans.

Take part in the gig economy

There are already 5 million people working in the gig economy and this is expected to increase in the coming years. Companies like Uber, Amazon, Lyft, Shipt, and Deliver are constantly looking for additional workers who are eager to make some money.

My name is Richard and ThriftyTwo was started by me and my girlfriend (the Thrifty Two!) as a blog for helping people to save money in these difficult times.

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