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Seven Cheapest Places to Buy Blanks for Vinyl Online



Vinyl is a synthetic substance.

Unlike like natural substances like genuine leather, vinyl is man-made.

Vinyl has a plastic nature and is made from a blend of chlorine and ethylene.

When these substances are combined, they produce a resin that people refer to as vinyl.

There are many types of vinyl available, but most people are familiar with sheets of vinyl that come in rolls.

These have a sticky adhesive at the back and can be applied to most surfaces.

Some vinyl, such as circuit vinyl, offers good quality and is easy to work with.

Online stores sell vinyl that people can purchase and use for DIY projects.

Vinyl is mostly bought from online stores by avid craft makers who enjoy using the inexpensive material for new craft projects.

The cost of vinyl will vary according to the purpose and quantity required to complete a project.

If you are looking for places to buy vinyl, then read about the seven cheapest places to purchase from.

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Brilliant Vinyl

Brilliant Vinyl is a delightful online store that has a complete line of StarCraft permanent HD Vinyl.

The store promises potential buyers quality and affordability.

If you are new to using vinyl, then you can also have a look at the how-to videos and instruction specifications on the user-friendly site.

Additionally, when shopping online, customers can take advantage of additional discounts and customer rewards points.

When customers create an account, they earn one point for one dollar spent.

The store also offers heat transfer vinyl, adhesive vinyl, and blanks.

These blank items are ready to use and can have both glitter and vinyl added to them.

The blank bags retail for $6, while other items like polyester t-shirts are between $10 and $13.

If you want to start your next crafting project, then visit the Brilliant Vinyl store

My Craft Source

The My Craft Source online store is the premier supplier of craft vinyl in the midsouth.

Overall, the store offers a range of blanks for vinyl at reasonable prices for most craft projects.

They are worth considering before starting a new project that requires vinyl.

Customers can pick up vinyl blanks and StarCraft Adhesive vinyl packs 12’’ X 5 for around $2.75.

You may also find other vinyl products like the 12″ x 14″ sheets that retail for about $3.50 and $15.75 depending on quantity.

The store offers gift certificates, how-to videos, and online color charts to help customers navigate the store and find their ideal product with minimal effort.

If you’re looking for a wide range of blanks for vinyl, then visit this store, and you won’t be disappointed with the variety of products available.

The My Craft Source store can be found at

My Vinyl Direct

This store is not well known, but it offers a variety of vinyl and embroidery blanks.

Customers who sign up for the My Vinyl Direct newsletter for the first time will receive a 10% discount on their first purchase.

The site promises that all its blanks are perfect for personalizing with vinyl.

It also has a steady supply of stock to meet the most demanding client orders.

There are great gifting items available like keyrings that retail for $0.99.

In addition, customers have a choice of 60 different styles to choose from.

Other great items, such as skinny tumblers, retail for $6.99 on sale.

If you’re looking for items to personalize for your home, then try white fabric mouse pads that are only $1.99.

Whether you’re looking for blanks for vinyl or embroidery, the My Vinyl Direct Store can give you many choices, visit it at

Atlanta Vinyl

Atlanta Vinyl offers customers products to customize and personalize at affordable prices.

The store ships globally.

Customers who make their first order can qualify for a 15% discount on their order.

If you’re looking to personalize your clothing, you can pick up blanks like t-shirts for around $3.25; these t-shirts are great quality and have heavy cotton.

Additionally, popular favorites, such as double wall skinny tumblers in different colors, cost about $50 and $8.49.

The online store is a bit limited when it comes to blanks that other stores stock, but they offer reasonable prices and staple vinyl blanks, making it a decent option for those looking for these alternatives.

Shop all your favorite vinyl blanks at low prices with Atlanta Vinyl,


Amazon is probably the most well-known place to buy anything online, including blanks for vinyl projects.

In essence, Amazon is also big on bulk buying, so if you’re looking to start a business and need vinyl blanks, then Amazon is the online store to visit.

A pack of ten DIY craft bags retails for around $9.99, so small businesses can purchase these fashionable bags in bulk and personalize them the way they choose.

When it comes to gifting like chic key rings, Amazon has a variety that can leave customers spoilt for choice.

The 120pc acrylic key chain pack can be bought for $10.99 and comes in different colors and styles.

Amazon doesn’t need any introduction, go directly to its blanks for vinyl projects page and start shopping

Blanks Outlet

This store is a quaint and simple-to-navigate online store when you need to find blanks for vinyl projects.

The store is quite new and less well-known than some other online giants, but customers can find great blanks for their craft.

Overall, the pricing for items is decent at best.

The acrylic keyrings are just $3.00, you can also pick up stylish blanks like bracelets and credit card key chains for $4.00.

While the store doesn’t offer Amazon bulk, it is perfect for small projects.

This stylish store can be found at

Blanks & Vinyl Co.

The Blanks & Vinyl Co. store has a new store that was created in 2019 to meet all vinyl and crafting needs.

Overall, the online store has a unique boho look and offers different blanks for vinyl projects.

In essence, the store offers a unique choice of blanks from garden flags to pillowcases and more common gifting items, such as key chains.

Its prices start from around $6.00 and depend on the items selected.

If you’re interested, Blanks & Vinyl Co. can be found at


Blanks for vinyl are great for craft projects and small businesses that are looking to buy items in bulk and personalize them.

Many cheap online stores offer a variety of blanks for vinyl projects.

If you are in doubt about where to find blanks for your next vinyl project then try the online channels discussed and locate your favorite blanks for vinyl.

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